Raising Godly Leaders 
Raising Godly Leaders 


Reasonably I have changed companies and started driving through a less fortunate suburb with a very bad reputation
While driving and being very vigilant every morning and evening I noticed during the course of September how there were different sorts of kites, one specific one caught my attention and so did the little boy controlling the kite flying high.
Very rugged looking little boy but his kite was home made and proudly he was flying his kite I enjoyed watching him above all the other boys with their “store-bought” kites.
I started inspecting his kite that was meticulously made, black bag with off cut wood spaced parallel and in order correct length and height.
While thinking what an inventive little boy, day dreaming about how I believe he could be an engineer someday, and I would like to sponsor a kid like that. 
Forgetting all about my thoughts two days later driving back from work I see this kite hanging on the electrical wire, I didn’t see the little boy but I knew it was his kite as I had inspect his kite quite in detail.
My head started razing from disappointment to heartbreak :
Then I had this thought:
Nothing in life is permanent.
We live we learn but what hurts us the most is what we worked the hardest for that disappointment stings the most however we learn the hardest lessons from them and become the wiser.
Every day when I pass that exact spot where the frame work of that kite is still hanging I think appreciate everything and everybody enjoy the little moments with your baby’s soon they will be teenagers.


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Teacher teacher....

Stories out of the teachers archives....

Listening to the teachers speak with love and admiration towards the Eldy family ... I must say I had a good chuckle ...

My first love: ever thought who is your sons first love I have a suspesion it might be a teacher... 

I must say I have realised how much so children innocenetly love their teachers....
When teacher speaks of one boy sitting on her lap playing with her hair... all of a sudden pause to use both hands on either sides of her cheeks to say you know teacher I am your boyfriend you can leave your current boyfriend.

When "boyfriend" walks into the room and one jealous boy stairs him down. No movement no words can make the boy loose his lock on the "boyfriend". When boyfriend comes closer and he holds her in a dearh grip boyfriend must leave.

Whilest playing outside and boyfriend comes to visit boy comes running to teacher holds her and tells her you can tell boyfriend to come.home now we playing here. 

Aww so many heartwarming stories the myth was always your parent is your first love I think I beg to differ as just by obsurving.

A little boys instict to protect that what he thinks is his is amusing yet intaresting to me how beautiful and unique did God put us together with natural instincts.

Children are truly amazing little teach machines makes me appreciate their minds and their thoughts the purity there of.


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